Viella 12 Turntable

Precision engineering and classic design are embodied in the first turntable from AMG (Analog Manufaktur Germany), the Viella 12 or simply, V12. The AMG turntable line was created by a group of audio industry experts to advance the art of vinyl playback.

Werner Roeschlau, his son Julian Lorenzi and other master machinists developed the AMG products at their bespoke multi-story Bavarian factory located north of Munich.

All machining is done in-house, combining the latest Computer Aided Design and CNC machines with "classic analog" tools, including custom lathes and drill presses. Their factory has been manufacturing key, precision parts for some of the world's most highly regarded turntables for over a decade. This expertise in the design and manufacture of turntables led to the AMG line, premiering with the flagship Viella 12 and the 12J2 tonearm.  These products received immediate accolades and recognitions from leading high end authorities such as The Absolute Sound (Product of the Year 2012, 2013 and 2014 Editors' Choice Awards), Tone Audio (Product of the Year 2012) and Hi-Fi+.

The line has now expanded to include Giro turntable, the 9W2 9" tonearm and the Teatro MC phono cartridge.

Julian Lorenzi, after years of experience working closely with his father, combined with his education and background, carries on the AMG legacy as Managing Director.

The Viella turntable can be equipped with one or two 12" tonearms.

The 12J12 Tonearm

The 12" tonearm 12J2  has been developed in a completely new patented principle of engineering.  Starting out from a standard tonearm with horizontal and vertical axles and the bearing play caused by the principle of design, AMG totally eliminated the play in the horizontal axis by replacing it with two 0.5 mm thick spring steel wires. This also enables a direct acoustic coupling which exactly draws from the record what is truly on it. This principle is also used in the rotor heads of helicopters, replacing the standard bearings and their play.

The vertical axle is made of hardened tool steel and precision ground to a backlash-free fit with a needle roller bearing. The axles are maintenance free and never need to be adjusted.

The anti-skating system is also integrated in the bearing case. In the upper rim of the arm shaft there are two M 1.4 hexagon socket screws. By loosening them they can be moved up and down, thereby adjust the anti-skating force.

All materials used for the main structural elements are stainless steel, tool steel, spring steel, anodized aluminum in aircraft quality.  The arm tube locking lever is plastic molded, the coupling attenuation sleeve in the counter weight is Teflon and the insert in the arm tube rest at the lift is of silicone.  The arm tube locking lever is plastic molded, the coupling attenuation sleeve in the counter weight is Teflon and the insert in the arm tube rest at the lift is silicone.

The Giro G9 Turntable with 9W2 Tonearm

The new Giro turntable brings AMG's sonic and visual excellence to a larger audience. Conceived by AMG founder Werner Roeschlau, the Giro is brilliantly realized by managing director Julian Lorenzi. Sharing the key design elements of the highly regarded AMG Viella turntable/12J2 tonearm "V12", the Giro uses the newer 9W2 9" tonearm. As with the V12, the "G9" is entirely manufactured in AMG's Bavarian factory. S.M.A.R.T.E.S.T. Manufacturing

Both platter and bearing housing are CNC machined from POM, a high tech synthetic, with a special "Slow Machining Accuracy Regulated Technique Extra Sharp Tool" manufacturing process for greater precision, cost-effectiveness, and high finish quality. 

The Giro's circular plinth is machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and provides both 33 and 45 RPM via electronic control. It shares the high-mass stainless steel machined pulley of the V12, coupled to a precision Swiss-made DC motor. The belt-driven platter features the single piece construction and decoupled spindle design of the Viella turntable. The platter bearing, a hydrodynamically lubricated radial 16mm axle with PFTE thrust pad and integral flywheel, is a scaled version from the Viella. The Giro uses the 9W2 9" tonearm with the identical, revolutionary bearing design of the 12J2, scaled for the arm length and the Giro's smaller footprint. 

The Giro from Analog Manufaktur Germany is an elegant high performance turntable providing exceptional music reproduction and value for vinyl enthusiasts.

The Teatro MC Phone Cartridge

The AMG Teatro moving-coil phono cartridge is the cumulative work of the AMG design team and an international group of manufacturers. The Titanium body is designed and manufactured in the United States. The generator and stylus/ cantilever are from Japan, where the Teatro is assembled and tested. All development and listening tests have been performed with the AMG 9W2 and 12J2 tonearms mounted on the AMG Giro and Viella turntables respectively. 

The Teatro's special 2-piece titanium body provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio and is dimensioned to minimize resonance and reflected energy. The internal construction is radiused and includes a fixture for rigid mounting of the MC generator. The Teatro uses a stylus guard machined from a solid aluminum billet. 

The Teatro's generator is an extremely efficient electro-mechanical design, with each channel using a separate coil for maximum separation. The coils are wound with Ohno cast (OCC) mono-crystal high-purity oxygen-free copper wire. Neodymium magnets are combined with a special soft magnetic alloy yoke consisting of cobalt and iron, for a smooth and dynamic sound. 

The Teatro combines natural musical sound with outstanding resolution, the ideal match to the AMG turntables.

For more information please see the AMG website or contact  Aeolian at (011)  487 2254