Air Tight was founded by Mr Atasushi Miura.  His father, who began by building transformers for the fledgling Japanese audio industry in the 1930's, was the head of Luxman Corporation, a manufacturer of fine audio equipment acclaimed internationally for its excellent sound and construction.  Mr. Miura was therefore immersed in high quality audio from an early age.  Mentored by his father, he worked his way up through the Luxman company, attaining the status of audio Engineer responsible for designing the circuits for many of the highly regarded Luxman tube amps, and in time he too became head of Luxman.

In the mid-'80's, Mr. Miura sensed a shift in the audio industry toward lower quality, mass-produced components. Rather than become part of the slide into mediocrity, he sold Luxman and started his own new company, Air Tight.

 Air Tight has attained legendary status in high-end audio circles, as much for the build-integrity and elegance of their products as for the exceptional sound quality.

The Source Component

The Air Tight PC-1 Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

For details of this stunning new MC cartridge, click PC-1



The Air Tight ATH-2 Moving Coil Step-up Transformer

A further refinement of its predecessor, the ATH-1, this design brings a new level of both sonic performance and flexibility to audiophiles using lower-output cartridges.

The Preamplifiers

The Air Tight ATC-2 Preamplifier

The ATC-2 is a true, no-holds-barred, reference line stage. The rave reviews it's garnered since it's introduction have been unanimous in their praise of the ATC-2s superb transparency, amazing resolution of detail, beautiful craftsmanship, and ease of use. As with all Air Tight electronics, the ATC-2 is designed without printed circuit boards and is hand wired, point-to-point, for the purest signal path imaginable. It simply disappears, leaving nothing but music behind. High End Audio just doesn't get any better than this.

The Air Tight ATE-2 Phono Stage

The ATE-2 is Air Tight's ultimate statement in the art of phono equalization and control. For those who appreciate the finest in analogue reproduction, this is the last word.  It's completely hand-wired, point-to-point, without printed circuit boards. The chassis is built as a rigid, sonically inert structure from 1.6mm iron plate, rendered non-magnetic with aluminium and copper plating. Parts are meticulously chosen for their sonic superiority and longevity, and the power supply designed for high stability and low noise. Truly a component for analogue lovers, the ATE-2 features only three inputs, two of which are for phono! (NOTE: Low-output cartridges will either require a step-up transformer, like the Air Tight ATH-2.) And the sound? The ATE-2 is remarkable in its ability to recreate the space and air of the recording venue, casting a holographic soundstage with realistic width and depth and amazingly accurate reproduction of instrumental and vocal timbre. Manufactured in very limited quantities as part of Air Tight's 10th Anniversary celebration.

The Power Amplifiers

The Air Tight ATM-2 Power Amplifier

A superb amplifier by any standard, the ATM-2 uses KT-88 output tubes. Extensive tube matching and burn-in occurs before the units are shipped. Set-up and tube biasing are very simple and seldom required. There are even two sets of inputs, allowing you to use a line-level source, i.e., CD player, directly into the amplifier using the amps left and right attenuators for level control.  The ATM-2 is beautifully built and sounds even better: exceptionally transparent and dynamic, with a clear, lifelike midrange, extended and smooth top end with outstanding resolution of detail, and well-controlled, strong low frequencies. The ATM-2 can be used on speakers with fairly low efficiency (86dB/Watt) without problem, although they really shine with easy loads (like most of the Focal-JM Lab speakers). 80 Watts per channel of magical amplification.

The Air Tight ATM-3 Power Amplifiers

Mr. Miura's classic mono-block amplifiers. Designed to easily switch between pure, 55 Watts per channel triode operation (the most musically transparent mode) or 110 Watts per channel Ultra-Linear mode (stronger and more dynamic presentation for more demanding loudspeaker loads), the ATM-3s are superb amplifiers which can drive almost any loudspeakers to an incredibly high standard.  Output tubes comprise 4 x EL34 tubes per monoblock.

The Air Tight ATM-300 Power Amplifier

The ATM-300 brings the magic of the legendary 300B triode tube to a new level of musicality. Using a single 300B per channel, the amp delivers 8 Watts per side of Class A triode purity.  Key to the superb performance are the Tamura output transformers, making for stable, fuss-free operation (the unit is even self-biasing, although a handy bias-current meter lets you check up on the state of the tubes while playing). The amp also offers a 3-position (0dB, 4dB, 6dB) "damping control" to optimize negative feedback. The unit comes complete with Sovtek 300B EH Gold output tubes.

The Air Tight ATM-211 Power Amplifiers

The ATM-211 monoblock power amplifiers exemplify all the finest attributes of single-ended triode amplification, while offering unbelievable frequency extension, power and dynamics for units rated at 22W / channel.  Using a single 211 output tube per monoblock and the stellar Tamura transformers, they deliver crisp, clean musical images of the finest focus and musical integrity.

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