Balanced Audio Technology was founded in 1995 with the goal of producing a line of superbly engineered, meticulously crafted audio products that recreate any music with unmatched fidelity and believable presence.  Entering the competitive US high-end market with one tube preamplifier (the VK-5) and one tube amplifier (the VK-60) Balanced Audio Technology garnered high praise and these products were immediately elevated to Class A status and deemed to be classics.

 Balanced Audio Technology has since shown remarkable growth in market share and product range.  To do this they have employed innovative design and development methodologies, and their stated strategy to offer serious audiophiles high quality gear at price points that provide particularly good value.  Balanced Audio Technology currently has a line-up of four source components, six preamplifiers and seven power amplifiers to satisfy the requirements of connoisseurs of tube-based as well as solid state technology.

The engineer behind Balanced Audio Technology's unique equipment is Victor Khomenko, who built his first radio as an eight-year-old in St. Petersburg, Russia.  He has created a line of elegant, balanced designs which puts virtually no barriers between the music and the listener.  The products feature single gain-stage preamplifiers, power amplifiers with only two gain-stages and simple, convenient, understandable user interfaces and remote controls.

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