Esoteric has been delivering the finest audio components to the most discerning listeners for over 20 years.  In recent year the product range has been extended to include amplification, loudspeakers and cables, and Esoteric has even commenced a wonderful project for remastering classic recordings with the finest modern equipment and releasing these on both vinyl and CD/SACD.  And the accolades for each new Esoteric product just keep pouring in! 


All the components used in building the VRDS - NEO mechanism, Digital to Analogue converters, CD players, multi-players and other electronics are hand selected, matched and graded to combine into a single synergistic audio component.  From the high-tech 6N copper wire used extensively in the signal path of Esoteric products to the patent pending quenched steel tri-stabilized pin-point feet, there is no compromise.  Each product is designed, engineered in Japan, with manufacturing taking place in Japan for electronics and cables and in the U.K. for speakers, to provide you with the ultimate solution for "state of the art" audio and video reproduction.


Esoteric is entirely serious about building the very finest products possible, which is why they go to such extreme lengths as creating the VRDS transport system, universally recognized as the best disc transport in the world.  Most other high end manufacturers rely on flimsy OEM drives which simply do not bare comparison with the VRDS systems.


Esoteric engineering does not stop there.  They utilize the very best D/A chips available in fully balanced differential modes for exceptional signal-to-noise and low distortion performance; they employ ultra-high performance power supplies, hardware and wiring and the exquisite low-resonance casework is without equal.

 These products need to be experienced to fully appreciate the quality and value, which is why reviewers worldwide continue to rave about each new Esoteric product released.  Truly an exceptional product line.





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For more information about the Esoteric range, visit the Esoteric Japan website or the Esoteric USA website. 

Alternatively, contact  Aeolian at (011)  487 2254