Policy and Pricing


Aeolian was founded in 1999 to provide music lovers with the very best in music reproduction systems.  As a life-long music lover and audiophile for thirty eight years (I don't actually like the appellation but how else do you describe someone who appreciates the equipment necessary to produce really good sound?), I know the difference between "hi-fi" and real music.  Only by attending live concerts and listening to actual musical instruments can one judge the degree to which a sound system approaches the real thing.  Reproduced music will never be identical to the live event, but excellent equipment and system synergy can allow genuine excitement, involvement and emotional connection.  We select our brands to ensure that the systems we assemble provide natural sound that "lives and breathes" and invite one to listen for hours on end.  If you want to impress your friends and neighbours, we will gladly direct you to some of our competitors.  If you want music properly reproduced by equipment that is finely crafted and will retain its value, you have come to the right place.

Until recently, we steered clear of the home theatre market, as we did not really like the type of equipment available or the calibre of the end results.  With several of the finest brands in the high-end world now producing appropriate equipment, Aeolian is able to provide suitable multi-channel solutions for discerning clients.

All of the equipment we import and distribute is at the pinnacle of its particular category.  This means that it will seldom be cheap, but we make every effort to provide real value and fair pricing.  We avoid what can only be described as the obscene pricing associated with certain brands and product categories.  Wherever possible, we retail equipment for the same price as that in its country of origin.  Considering the foreign exchange, shipping, importation, holding and marketing costs, this can only be described as very fair business practice.

We try to maintain stable prices, but the vagaries of the international currency markets and our volatile currency make it unrealistic to post prices on the website.

For pricing, detailed information and availability, kindly contact  Aeolian at (011) 487 2254. 

Andy Stuart