Rockport Technologies

Rockport Technologies began as Payor Acoustics Inc. in 1984 with the design of a compact, satellite/subwoofer loudspeaker system. Long ago Andy Payor recognized that the two areas of greatest loss in an analog reproduction chain are where the transduction occurs from mechanical to electrical energy at the front end, and then back to mechanical (acoustical) energy at the loudspeaker. Consequently, these two transduction sites provide the greatest opportunity for improvement in an audio system, and have been the areas where Rockport Technologies has focused its attention for more than 25 years.

For many years, the Rockport Technologies' Sirius Turntable was undoubtedly the world's finest transcription system.  Impeccable design, extreme attention to detail and superb implementation resulted in a benchmark product.  The same refined skill, care and thoroughness are present in the entire Rockport Technologies loudspeaker line-up.

There is a great degree of similarity in the design and execution of the different loudspeaker models. Rockport Technologies have integrated their best efforts into each system that they build, and the primary difference between models is their deep bass extension and ultimate sound pressure capabilities. All of these models exhibit a marked family resemblance, but are suited for different size rooms and listening levels. The exquisite build quality and stunning performance of every Rockport Technologies product, from the most ambitious to the most affordable, is evidence of Rockport Technologies' commitment to excellence.

 The loudspeaker range comprises:





























For more information, please visit the Rockport Technologies website or or contact  Aeolian at (011)  487 2254