Viola Audio Laboratories

Viola Audio Labs was founded in 2001 by Tom Colangelo and Paul Jayson, the two key designers who had worked with Mark Levinson at Mark Levinson Audio Systems (MLAS) and later at Cello.

Whilst at MLAS, Colangelo was responsible for the design of the ML-1, ML-2, ML-3, ML-4, ML-5, ML-6, ML-6A, ML-7, ML-7A, ML-8, ML-9, ML-10, ML-11 and ML-12 products. At Cello, Colangelo and Jayson designed among other products the Audio Suite, Audio Palette, Encore preamplifiers, Performance amplifiers, RDAC D/A converter and the Stradivarius speaker line. They have therefore been responsible for some of the most important high-end audio products produced the last twenty years, which gives them the most consistent success record of any design team in the industry.

Their objective with Viola Labs is to design products that are sonically neutral, as they believe that only through sonic neutrality can the listener truly be drawn into the music and experience the essential emotion within the music.

Taking their earlier work at Cello as a baseline and by paying meticulous attention to all aspects of the manufacturing process from design, through build and test, to final inspection and packing, they are producing a product of the highest possible quality that will maintain its performance and give great pleasure to the owner over a life time of use. 

The Cello products were always popular in Japan and the Viola line has been even more enthusiastically received. The Spirito and Bravo have received several awards in the Japanese high-end magazine Stereo Sound (shown left). Colangelo and Jayson's work at MLAS and Cello also received numerous "State of the Art" and "Component of the Year" awards from this influential magazine.

At the Japanese High End Audio Show last year the Spirito and Bravo enabled Viola Products to receive the "Best Sound" award. Viola products also received "Best Sound" awards last year at shows in Thailand and Beijing.


The present line-up comprises:

Legacy Power Amplifier

100 Watt class A Power Amplifier



Spirito Preamplifier

State of the art modular preamplifier allowing easy expandability with stereo and

multi-zone capability. The Spirito is supplied with a versatile infra-red remote control. A separate choke input type power supply provides isolation from mains noise.



Solo Mono Preamplifier

The Solo preamplifier is comprised of separate chassis and choke input power supplies for true monaural operation. The Solo is expandable with up to 32 slave units controlled by a master. The master sends volume, balance; mute, remote trigger and input select commands to all slave units connected to the network for multi-channel operation.

 Bravo Power Amplifier


This state of the art stereo power amplifier has been designed to be the last word in fidelity, musicality and dynamics. In standard mode it will deliver 2 x 350W into 8 ohms. It can be bridged to convert it into a mono amplifier capable of delivering up to 1.200W into 8 ohms or 1,600W into 1 ohm



Cadenza Preamplifier

6 input, wide bandwidth preamplifier with separate power supply and provision for future upgrades. Separate power supply.


Symphony Power Amplifier


200W per channel stereo power amplifier with an intregral choke input type power supply. Much of the sophistication of the Bravo, but in a smaller package.


Forte Mono Power Amplifier

Compact mono amplifier based on the Symphony topology, capable of 75W into 8 ohms or 150W into 4 ohms. 2 units may be bridged to give 300W into 8 ohms.


Quartet Electronic Cross-over

Ultra high quality, 4 band, mono, electronic cross-over.

Duet Stereo Electronic Cross-over

 Ultra high quality, 2 band, mono, electronic cross-over.


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