Demonstration Equipment


A list of equipment which we have used for demonstration purposes.  Because we need to show dealers and clients the latest gear, we have to change what we demonstrate regularly.  This demonstration equipment is in mint condition.  It is essentially well run-in gear at a reduced price.

Burmester 001 CD Player         R  80 000.00


Original new price:                     R 160 150.00


Top Line Belt-drive CD Player


Sample Rate Conversion (SRC) to 96kHz/24bit, 4 digital inputs.

Burmester B50                         R 100 000.00


Original new price:                       R 270 971.00


Entry vestibule into Burmester Top Line Speaker class

Three-way-full-range speakers

D’ Appolito configuration of mid-range drivers and ribbon tweeter


Macassar finish


Power rating: approx. 200W 

Burmester 113 DAC                  R  20 000.00


Original new price:                       R 49 000.00


Digital-Analog Converter with Bluetooth & USB

Bryston BDP-1                          R 15 000.00


Original new price:                      R 42 500.00


Digital Player


Audio Aero Prestige SE

SACD/CD Player                        R 40 000.00


Original new price:                        R 96 350.00


Superb SACD/CD Player
Tube output section, digital inputs

Can be used as a preamp.


Audio Analogue

Rossini VT CD Rev. 2.0             R 10 000.00


 Original new price:                R 30 000.00


 Fine hybrid CD player with Teac drive.


Pre-owned equipment

We trade-in very seldom and then only from our best known and trusted clients.  The equipment is all in excellent condition and properly tested.  We have nothing in stock at present.